Reproduction centre Líšná

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What is in our packages?
Packages consist of several actions related to artificial insemination of a mare over a period of two estrous cycles. Mare owners will pay for the whole package when their mare arrives at our reproduction center. If you purchase a package, you will not have to pay for individual services (ultrasound, insemination, etc.). Clients need to decide before insemination whether they would like to purchase a package or pay for individual services separately.

How do packages vary?

There are two distinctions between our packages:
1) Cooled versus frozen semen
Timing of insemination with cooled semen is not as difficult as with frozen semen. Cooled semen stays in mare’s reproduction tract up to 48 hours. Frozen semen has a limited longevity after it is thawed; and therefore, it has to be inseminated ideally 4-6 hours before or after ovulation. To figure out the right time for insemination with frozen semen requires checking mare’s tract more often.

2) Semen from Czech versus foreign stallions
Our services include dealing with suppliers for you. If you choose a stallion that stands outside of the Czech Republic, this service will increase in price significantly. It is also crucial to determine the mare’s ovulation time to schedule the semen collection, transport, and insemination (especially for frozen semen). Majority of foreign stallion owners provide two doses of frozen semen; and therefore, it is important to schedule one dose per estrus.

What is NOT in our packages?

  • Semen shipping
  • All laboratory tests
  • Adjusting mare’s estrous cycle
  • Fertility issues diagnosis and their treatments
  • Reduction of twins
  • Other veterinary and farrier services


Reproduction on the Road

Our complete pricelist for services offered outside of Líšná Reproduction Center can be found HERE


Can I purchase a package even in case of breeding outside of Líšná Reproduction Center?

Yes, but its cost will increased due to travel expenses.