Reproduction Center Líšná

Services for mare owners

    • We offer full reproduction service for your mare:
    • Entry reproduction tract checkup including estrous cycle diagnostics
    • Whole reproduction anamnesis
    • Insemination with fresh, cool, or frozen semen
    • Ultrasound pregnancy check
    • Reduction of twins
    • Treating fertility issues
    • Board during breeding period (from breeding to confirmation of pregnancy)
    • Facility suitable for mares with foals
    • Board of your mare during the whole pregnancy within a herd of mares

    • Rebreeding mare on foal heat


Tolman Services reproduction center operates on 30 ha land. Majority of this area is used for pasture board. Every pasture section has its own shed providing shelter for the horses as well as covered hay feeders, all according to the EU standards. Grains and mineral salt are included as well as ad libitum hay during the winter.


Services for stallion owners

Currently we offer following services to stallion owners:

      • Board at the reproduction center in order to perform on site breeding
      • Full breeding service for mares recommended by you
      • Live cover with professional assistance
      • Assisted reproduction (sperm collection followed by insemination with fresh semen)
      • Macroscopic and microscopic semen analysis
      • One time semen collection (for semen analysis etc.)


 Veterinarian requirements for animals accepted to RC Líšná:

      • Animals MUST NOT show any sign of sickness
      • Animals MUST arrive with a valid horse certificate with all required vaccination (tetanus and influenza) according to valid vaccination plan
      • Every incoming animal will be dewormed with a deworming product containing Praziquantel


We require negative results (no longer than 30 days) on following tests: 

      • EIA (Coggins)
      • EVA
      • Taylorella Equigenitalis